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The Eden Resort Hotel covers an area of 300 mu. Its bamboo extension reaches dozens of kilometers from the hotel. The hotel is located in Yibin in southern Sichuan. Yibin, is home to Wuliangye, the most famous wine in China. It has been blessed as the first city on the Yangtze River. It also boasts the Southern Sichuan Sea of Bamboo and the Xingwen Stone Sea, both national scenic spots. The hotel has all sorts of facilities with its recreational equipment particularly enjoyable. It has a 5000-sq. m spa water-curing center, a yacht club covering water area of 300,000 sq. m and a golf driving range—the first one in south Sichuan, as well as a mountain-and-lake surrounding sightseeing area. Its guest rooms, villas, presidential suite, Chinese food, western food, and the international conference center provide first choice for high-end conferences. Its floor-length glass windows provide a panorama view around the resort village. Here you can practice special regimen and let your soul be purified. Life will be harmoniously blended into nature here. You live by the lake, drink in a view and take dwelling in a beautiful painting. It is a natural oxygen bar, a wonderful resort!

Six important experience:

The first experience:

Return to nature and the fitting human environment

This is a special architecture formed like the shape of bamboo shoot. It serves as the reception hall. Its two wings include guest rooms, catering, conference room, recreation facilities and fitness gyms. Here Architectural elements of southern Sichuan’s folk houses combine with modern building ones. It has a staggered pattern. The lakes, mountains, running water and still stones are wonderfully setting off each other. The grass is green and strewn with colorful flowers. It is a picture of wonderland.

The second experience

Get near to nature. Green mountains and clear water peer into your nest

The floor length window allows you to be indefinitely near to nature. The guest house has a unique style with classic equipment of facilities for appreciation. Here bamboo culture gets blended into the culture of recreation. You feel like taking residence in a painting with full description of mountains and water.

The guest rooms have many standard suites, single rooms and suites with many classes: high grade, deluxe and administrative suites. The guest rooms, plus resort villa, commercial villa and presidential suites, add up to a total of 454 rooms (suites).

The third experience

The food is nature. Enjoy green food and dance with bamboos.

The hotel can seat 1200 people in its dining hall. Chinese and western food is systematically served. Sichuan Cuisine, the New Sichuan Cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine and locate private cuisine contend to make you enjoy the best. The bamboo culture and the mountain & water will initiate you into the best bamboo experience. Take slight sips, and you will have full aroma lingering in your mouth. The French food and Southeast Asia food will satisfy the taste bud of foreign guests. Don’t bother going abroad, because you can enjoy wonderful western foods here.

The fourth experience

Magnificent business conference room with perfect service 

The International Conference Center has 9 conference rooms of different sizes which can hold 10-1200 persons at once. The space is 8 meters high, with wonderful entrance hall and the impressive multi-functional hall. Simultaneous interpretation and multi-media video are available. The French windows are used in the conference room with perfect impression. It is really is international high-end conference center. 

The fifth experience

With perfect water facilities, it is one of the Top 10 spa holiday hotels in China

With magic spa, aquatic yacht, aquatic golf, surfing square and nearby Yujiang Lake are setting off the unbroken sea of bamboo and the hills. The spa here contains the rare element—Radon and other minerals and microelements which are all benefiting your health. And therefore it is called the “Radon Spa”. 

The sixth experience

Natural oxygen bar, a perfect place to retreat from busy life